Headaches(Highlights of a massage article)

Is massage therapy a nonpharmacological approach to treating chronic headaches and Migraines?

A study was conducted with patients receiving massage for 4 weeks. The participants received 30-minute massage therapy sessions twice a week for the duration of the study.

The article states that the activation of myofascial trigger points has been implicated as a cause of headaches therefore, providing massage in which myofascial release techniques are employed headaches could possibly be reduced or alleviated.

The findings state that when a participant began the massage session with a headache, the headache was alleviated a significant amount of the time by the end of the 30-minute treatment.

What’s more, chronic headaches are often the precursor to what’s known as the more severe headache the “Migraine”. It can be deduced that with routine massage maintenance the chances of this kind of headache is lessened.

Practitioners now have data to support the recommendation of massage therapy for the treatment of clients with chronic headache pain.



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